The lands of Ribeiro and its importance in wine

Ribeiro wine is one of the most select in Spain. In each sip, the most traditional flavors are mixed with others that are marked, directly, by the lands in which the grapes are grown. Next, we highlight the benefits of Ribeiro lands and why this area of ​​Galicia is a rare event that has a direct impact on such an excellent wine.

Ribeiro wines, a natural product In the north-western part of the province of Ourense you can find vineyards where an exceptional grape is grown. Its location – in a triangle between the rivers Miño, Arnoia and Avia – is ideal because it has an excellent microclimate. In fact, the Atlantic breeze, at 45 kilometers, merges with the humidity of these valleys. The saltiness and the more natural flavor are the result of such a powerful mixture.

The cultivation area reaches 2,500 hectares. Villages like Leiro, Cenlle, Beade, Punxín, Castrelo de Miño or Ribadavia add their peculiarity to each wine. The mountains perfectly protect the vineyards, the dozens of liters of rain per square meter and the terraced terraces of the vines make up an irreplaceable whole that is reflected in the different varieties of this great wine. In addition, cultivating these grapes at 450 meters high is a very important factor in accelerating the creation of natural alcohol in each grape. Thus, the wine is much smoother, it is better assimilated and facilitates the pairing with all kinds of recipes.

An unmissable visit for wine lovers The so-called Galician Tuscany is also an area that is characterized by its undeniable beauty. The valleys, the rivers, their climate and the special pampering with which the locals treat their vineyards are just some of the essential factors to understand why it is necessary to visit this wine area. Its origin dates back to the 2nd century BC. In the third century it was decided to design the area as it can be visited today.

The invasion of the German civilization ended with the success that this wine had, although, fortunately, in the High Middle Ages, around the beginning of the 11th century, it was possible to turn this wine into one of the most precious in the country. Already in the thirteenth century, the monks of the area popularized it by offering it to the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago.

And so on until today. Drinking Ribeiro, visit the vineyards, visit their wineries and walk through these hectares is a dream come true for those who understand wine as part of their personality. The denomination of origin of Ribeiro surprises with excellent wines that may well become new references that fill the winery of those who wish to test their palate, their senses and everything related to broths that shine thanks to their flavor and adaptability to all kinds of recipes and situations.


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